JavaFX and iOS - it will remain a dream

Felix Bembrick felix.bembrick at
Tue Jul 30 12:06:07 PDT 2013

Hi Tobi,

I know how you feel.  As much as I am impressed with JavaFX, clearly its
long-term survival does depend on it being viable on mobiles and tablets.

All I can say is don't give up yet.  I am certainly not giving up.  I
really hope we see something at JavaOne this year that will please us all.

It *has* to be this year!


On 31 July 2013 02:40, Tobias Bley <tobi at> wrote:

> Hi,
> after many days trying to really build iOS apps with JavaFX and RoboVM or
> Avian I’m very frustrated because of the following things:
> Based on RoboVM, JavaFX on iOS runs unacceptable slow - I don’t know the
> reason - maybe it’s the rendering model of JavaFX - maybe it’s the
> currently unoptimized RoboVM
> One big problem of RoboVM is it’s dependence of the Android library, it
> does not support the OpenJDK. That’s a big reason for many many problems
> when using JavaFX. So currently it’s not possible to use fxml files
> (FXMLoader) because of the missing Stax xml parser and classes like
> XMLInputFactory in the android library…
> Avian: we tried to use JavaFX in conjunction with Avian + OpenJDK and AOT
> compiling… we hade no success…too complicated build process…no demos
> available for iOS…
> So in my opinion „JavaFX on iOS“ will remain a dream…If there will be no
> big company like Oracle or IBM who actively develops a VM for iOS and
> Android, JavaFX will be useless, also on Desktop, then HTML5 or QT will be
> the big winner for the most use cases on Desktop and mobile…
> Best,
> Tobi

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