Change order of components insight FlowPane

Peter Penzov peter.penzov at
Wed Jul 31 09:36:28 PDT 2013

I have a FlowPane with many small panels which are BorderPanes. I want to
change the order of the BorderPanes with mouse drag and drop. But I'm sure
that this functionality for now is not possible. So I think that I can
solve this issue in other way.

I can insert additional component which will be inserted into the FlowPane
and will hold the BorderPane:

FlowPane -> component -> BorderPane

I can add setOnDragDetected() and setOnDragDropped to the component in
order to implement the drag and drop.

The question is which component will be suitable for this task? I need to
make it transparent and it must be auto resizable because the BorderPanes
can expand and shrink. Can you give me some advice?


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