Change order of components insight FlowPane

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Jul 31 10:38:10 PDT 2013

I think this kind of question would be better handled on the forums. One thing I don't know if you are aware of, is that if you apply a transform to a node in a layout, it doesn't affect where that node is in the layout, so you could use drag and drop where the drag changes the translation of the node to move it around, and then only change the layout when needed. You can make it animating using this idea with more work by inserting a "dummy" in the right place and animate its pref width/height.


On Jul 31, 2013, at 9:36 AM, Peter Penzov <peter.penzov at> wrote:

> I have a FlowPane with many small panels which are BorderPanes. I want to
> change the order of the BorderPanes with mouse drag and drop. But I'm sure
> that this functionality for now is not possible. So I think that I can
> solve this issue in other way.
> I can insert additional component which will be inserted into the FlowPane
> and will hold the BorderPane:
> FlowPane -> component -> BorderPane
> I can add setOnDragDetected() and setOnDragDropped to the component in
> order to implement the drag and drop.
> The question is which component will be suitable for this task? I need to
> make it transparent and it must be auto resizable because the BorderPanes
> can expand and shrink. Can you give me some advice?
> Regards
> Peter

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