Level of detail

Jim Graham james.graham at oracle.com
Wed Jul 31 13:15:02 PDT 2013

About the closest thing we have right now is the cacheHints which let you specify "that" you want to allow the cache to be scaled, but no ability to specify "by how much" before we re-render.  We've felt that mechanism needs to be eventually be evolved to allow more customization, but we haven't mapped out what controls/parameters to provide.

And, that is probably very basic compared to what you are asking for here, but a similar set of hints might work on an SVG node to control re-rendering...


On 7/29/2013 1:17 PM, Scott Palmer wrote:
> The concept of Level of detail was recently brought up.  I believe it was
> referring to 3D, but the concept applies to 2D as well, when we have the
> concept of 2D scaling ("zoom")
> Is there a current plan to address this?
> Is there a current technique that can be used to get something close?
> For example, the two use cases I have right now:
> If I have a lot of Text nodes and they become unreadable when zoomed out,
> is there a way I could have them fade out and not cost me layout and
> rendering time?
> If I have an image that is rendered from SVG data and used in multiple
> places in the scene graph.  I want to update it if the user changes the
> zoom level so that it isn't blocky, or replace it with the vector graphics
> used to render it if the user zooms in so much that the image size would be
> ridiculous.
> I can't think of a reasonably easy way to implement those cases.
> I'm thinking of some new kind of Pane that is sensitive to the size that it
> will finally be rendered at.  It could be used to hide or replace it's
> children based on the final bounds it will have on screen.
> Scott

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