JavaFX On IOS Using RoboVM And Maven

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Wed Jul 31 20:34:48 PDT 2013

The RoboVM Maven plugin is now released with JFX support using Danno's
backport, which is all in Maven Central.

I talk about it in detail here:

I'd greatly appreciate people here trying it out and letting me know fairly
quickly if there are any steps I left out or if anything is not working (in
terms of the hello world, not bigger issues at this stage).

Every time I release or publish something I get a lot of "I don't know how
to code and couldn't get past step 2" type requests. These can be very time
consuming to work through, since some are real and some are just
stupid-user-exceptions. Anything I can head off at the pass is a boon.

As per the post, yes, it's slow, yes, it's buggy, yes, it all looks pretty
crap at the moment - but it's suppose to. The JFX code has barely been run
by the people who wrote it and the RoboVM code is being developed by one
guy part time and has not been optimised at all. The fact that it works at
all is down right amazing.

The point of releasing this code is so the above issues can start being
addressed, it's not meant to be perfect. If you want it better, I'm sure
Niklas, Danno and Richard are only too happy for you to help out in each of
the respective areas where there are known issues.

No one ever wants to help out with the build tools, that's a crap job that
no sane person would do in their spare time :)

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