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On 3/7/13 Mar 7, 10:12 AM, David Hill wrote:
> On 3/7/13 Mar 7, 9:57 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> So because it is not scheduled for a release I guess there's no chance
>> it gets included in JFX8 (although it has 42 votes as of now) because we
>> are post API freeze.
>> Like I said because the source is now open I'm happy to work on a patch
>> but for this I'd first like to know if it could be in any circumstance
>> considered for FX8 or it simply is too late.
> The Embedded team has a related issue  ( RT-25018 <>) that will need to be addressed before SE8, so I think this likely to be resolved with that. Our problem is that in a touch only situation, the extra insult is that there is no ESC key to press....  Also - our target market is one which the apps will generally be fullscreen.
    if you would like to work on this, I would be happy to help and get it committed.

There are a couple of ways we would want to make it so that we could disable the ESC message:
    A Stage API
    Detect when there is no keyboard present (likely in many Embedded applications).

The Stage API would allow dedicated applications (like in a kiosk) to declare their dislike of the message.
What should we use for a name though ? Nothing I have thought of so far is very pleasant.
    Stage.setDisableFullScreenWarning()   (ick)
Kevin suggested to me:
     Stage.setEnableFullScreenWarning(boolean) with a default of true.

Dave Hill
> Dave
>> Tom
>> Am 07.03.13 15:25, schrieb Kevin Rushforth:
>>> There is already a JIRA filed for this:
>>> -- Kevin
>>> Hendrik Ebbers wrote:
>>>> +1
>>>> Am 07.03.2013 um 11:50 schrieb Philipp Dörfler<phdoerfler at>:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Yes please! Make the fullscreen hint optional. The warning might be
>>>>> warranted for JavaFX applications running in the browser (if there is
>>>>> still somebody out there with an enabled Java Plug-in *hint hint*,
>>>>> sorry :p ). For desktop applications it is quite unnecessary IMO and
>>>>> in addition to the warning, the keybinding (ESC) hurts, too: Games
>>>>> for instance usually show a menu and pause the game when pressing ESC.
>>>>> In addition to the options outlined by Tom (from which I would choose
>>>>> "b)", I would like to throw in an additional one:
>>>>> c) If the JavaFX app is running from within the browser keep the
>>>>> current behavior.
>>>>> If it is running as a stand alone app, enter fullscreen silently,
>>>>> don't show a warning and don't associate ESC with setFullScreen(false)
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> ~ Philipp
>>>>> Am 07.03.2013 um 11:24 schrieb Tom Schindl
>>>>> <tom.schindl at>:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> Before I file a JIRA-Ticket I'd like to start a dicussion here to find
>>>>>> out if my point of view is completely wrong.
>>>>>> If you currently put a Stage into Fullscreen mode it displays the
>>>>>> message "Press ESC to exit full-screen mode.".
>>>>>> The first problem with the overlay presented is that while the Group is
>>>>>> big enough for the English-Text it looks like nobody ever checked this
>>>>>> with the german translation ("Dr\u00FCcken Sie ESC, um den
>>>>>> Vollbildmodus
>>>>>> zu beenden.") - I'll file a JIRA for it anyways.
>>>>>> Still this is not my problem. What I'd like to suggest is that I as a
>>>>>> developer can turn of the forced overlay.
>>>>>> I could think of multiple possibilities:
>>>>>> a) through a System-Property (-Djavafx.quantum.fullscreenwarning=false)
>>>>>> b) through an API on the Stage
>>>>>> What do you think about a) or b) is there a chance to get something
>>>>>> like
>>>>>> this in FX8, or is it too late already? Do you see any reason
>>>>>> turning of
>>>>>> the overlay could cause problems?
>>>>>> Since the quantum sources are now available I'd be able to implement a
>>>>>> desired feature using a) or b) and provide a patch.
>>>>>> Tom
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