Anybody looking for a quick patch to contribute?

Mario Torre neugens at
Tue Mar 12 08:07:38 PDT 2013

Il giorno ven, 08/03/2013 alle 12.02 -0800, Richard Bair ha scritto:
> I just filed which is a pretty straightforward fix, and for anybody looking to get their feet wet in making a contribution it should be a pretty good one to ease into the process :-)
> Richard

Hi Richard,

Maybe I just completely misunderstood your request, since it seems to me
that you have included in the report also the actual code to fix it :)

Anyway, here is a webrev:

I tried to compile to test it out, but I'm now stuck on antlr:

I put the various antlr jars in the master/lib directory, but maybe the
version doesn't match exactly the one needed.

Do we need those specific antlr jars? Can you point me to a location
where I can download them?

I would also be interested in performing some test to see if there's any
real speed gain here.

I tried with ant build, the gradle build fails with more cryptic
failures for me...

Any help appreciated.


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