Anybody looking for a quick patch to contribute?

Mario Torre neugens at
Wed Mar 13 11:15:49 PDT 2013

Il giorno mer, 13/03/2013 alle 10.24 -0700, Mark Fortner ha scritto:

> Hmm.  Well, I guess I did end up critiquing the code.  When the code
> review tools come on line it will be easier to give you guys direct
> feedback on the classes, instead of heckling from the sidelines. :-)

In OpenJDK land we did a cleanup warning day last year. This didn't
become really a recurring occasion, but some nice folks (see Adopt
OpenJDK) used this opportunity to create hack days on this topic, so the
end result is that we see from time to time warning cleanups fixes here
and there, which is wonderful.

And for the more adventurous this also means code cleanup that can go
over warnings fixes.

I guess you actually just proposed to host some of those days :)

Especially since I don't think we need to wait for Richard to propose us
something to do, we can just start as well create some tasks ourselves
where we see room for improvement.

On the same subject, one thing I also would love to see is public
reviews of all the code that is pushed in the repositories.

@Richard, how does it work currently? Does each commit need to have a
bug id on JIRA we can track? I think it would be great if we can follow
the code from when it is developed rather than have just the code drop
every couple of weeks, so we can participate at a deeper lever (which
includes code reviews and whatnot).


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