Anybody looking for a quick patch to contribute?

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Mar 13 11:43:56 PDT 2013

> Especially since I don't think we need to wait for Richard to propose us
> something to do, we can just start as well create some tasks ourselves
> where we see room for improvement.


> On the same subject, one thing I also would love to see is public
> reviews of all the code that is pushed in the repositories.
> @Richard, how does it work currently? Does each commit need to have a
> bug id on JIRA we can track? I think it would be great if we can follow
> the code from when it is developed rather than have just the code drop
> every couple of weeks, so we can participate at a deeper lever (which
> includes code reviews and whatnot).

Each team has their own process. The graphics team has been closed source up until just recently and their code review process has involved web revs and their own mailing list. The controls team doesn't tend to do much in the way of code reviews. When I do something I usually just do the work and then let whoever owns the code do a quick review. In other words, it isn't regulated.

At times what we've done is say "attach the web rev or patch to the issue" and then have the code review in the issue. What I really want of course is some modern UI such as bitbucket / github does where the entire history of the project is available + code reviews on patches and such.


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