JavaFX 3D : PhongMaterial specification questions / issues

August Lammersdorf, InteractiveMesh sdn at
Thu Mar 14 11:17:46 PDT 2013

  - How do I achieve transparency for a non-textured Shape3D? Neither 
 diffuse/specular colors with an alpha value < 1.0 nor 
 Shape3D.setOpacity(0.5) result in translucent 3D shapes.
  - An opaque image used as diffuse map is ignored, but is rendered if 
 used as a selfillumination map. Is diffuse map still in work?
  - A transparent image used as diffuse map is rendered (!), but is not 
 blended with the diffuse/specular color. Will blending be supported?
  - What is the value range of the specular power?

 Thanks, August

 p.s. Early access release of OBJ and STL importer planned for next 
 week. 3ds, Collada, and X3D will follow.

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