JavaFX 3D : PhongMaterial specification questions / issues

Chien Yang chien.yang at
Thu Mar 14 12:02:14 PDT 2013

Hi August,

       We are aware of the limitations( or bugs) of the 3d prototype in 
dealing with material. Our Sample Team has been filing JIRA on issues 
they have encountered. It is a bug that color and map do not blend and 
we will fix it. Please feel free to file JIRA if we have found new bug 
or limitation that you want us to evaluate. : Add transparent materials : When both diffuseMap and 
diffuseColor are set in PhongMaterial, diffuseMap is not used

The value range of specular power is currently implemented (not spec.) 
as byte.

- Chien

On 3/14/2013 11:17 AM, August Lammersdorf, InteractiveMesh wrote:
>  - How do I achieve transparency for a non-textured Shape3D? Neither 
> diffuse/specular colors with an alpha value < 1.0 nor 
> Shape3D.setOpacity(0.5) result in translucent 3D shapes.
>  - An opaque image used as diffuse map is ignored, but is rendered if 
> used as a selfillumination map. Is diffuse map still in work?
>  - A transparent image used as diffuse map is rendered (!), but is not 
> blended with the diffuse/specular color. Will blending be supported?
>  - What is the value range of the specular power?
> Thanks, August
> p.s. Early access release of OBJ and STL importer planned for next 
> week. 3ds, Collada, and X3D will follow.

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