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Il giorno 22/mar/2013, alle ore 21:03, Richard Bair <richard.bair at> ha scritto:
> Can you explain that a bit more?


The issue with Linux builds is that Linux distributions need to be able to build from source even and in an automated way, without disrupting the installed system. Requiring a library to be manually removed from the installed jdk (or even requiring a separate jdk) to build a package that would be distributed in the same distribution would not be allowed for me (hardly allowed on any Linux Distribution).

> In the Gradle build I actually have taken care of it because during compilation (of everything including javadocs) I set -Djava.ext.libs= so that it clears JavaFX from the path. That seems to do the trick. The only question I had was about whether that would also handle the loading of native libs properly -- Kevin thinks so but I need to confirm.

This is actually a good news! If we can confirm this, then there's no real issue anymore!

>> I wish Oracle would follow this advice and remove this library from Java 8, people who really rely on the jar to be in part of the external libraries can put it back there any time (i.e. an installer can be provided that put it back there).
> Eeek, installers are evil :-). Anyway, FX will be staying on the class path by default AFAIK.

Eh, yes, indeed :)


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