Proposal: Deprecate Builders

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Mon Mar 25 12:45:18 PDT 2013

On Mar 25, 2013, at 11:46 AM, Jonathan Giles <jonathan.giles at> wrote:

> I fall into the camp of never using builders in my projects, so I won't feel impacted by the move. However, I know a lot of people do use them, and I wonder whether another option is to supply the builders as a separate jar file for JavaFX 8.x as well. This 8.x builders.jar file could use the flattened structure and therefore be 'proper'. This file would be a separate library that developers can download and use, as is common in the Java world. The benefit is that people who don't use builders will never have to see them (or be impacted  by their cost), whilst they are still available for the subset of people who do prefer their usage.
> Perhaps the concern is the extra work required to modify the *Builder generator, which I can't imagine is super trivial, but assuming it doesn't take a large amount of time then I think this is something to consider - assuming people feel strongly that builders should remain in some form.

I think actually the main issue is that of compatibility. Actually I think it would be great if somebody produced a builders jar *in addition to* whatever jar it is that we would release, that could be flattened or exploded or whatever, and people could use that instead. The concern I have though is that by exploding them now we get the source and binary incompatibility issue, so by preserving the current builders we don't have a compatibility issue (until we take them off the class path in the future).


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