Media is now opensource

John Smith John_Smith at
Fri Oct 18 16:34:30 PDT 2013

Is the open sourcing of JavaFX now complete? (I think it might be)

If not, what is outstanding?

Are there auxiliary things like test frameworks or performance tools that are intended to be open sourced to support JavaFX development?

Most (almost all) Jira issues are publicly visible (after sign-in), but some are not (maybe due to security or other concerns).  Will this continue to be the case going forward?

In what ways (just in terms of things relevant to JavaFX) does the open source distribution you could build from the openjfx repository differ from what Oracle might include in the JDK? 
(e.g. VP6 won't be in open-jfx, Oracle provided browser plugin/webstart support won't be accessible, anything else?)

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Hello OpenJFXers !
We're happy to announce that Media part of JavaFX is now open source.
Opensourcing touched all Media component except ON2 FLV demuxer and VP6 decoder. The decoder will remain closed.

You're all welcome to contribute.


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