Is Bundler now working for command line parameters?

Tony Anecito adanecito at
Thu Jul 3 05:21:55 UTC 2014

Hi Danno,

Mac then Windows app stores.


On Wednesday, July 2, 2014 2:41 PM, Danno Ferrin <danno.ferrin at> wrote:

This won’t be fixed until 8u40.

What platforms are you targeting?  Mac, Linux, Windows?

On Jul 2, 2014, at 2:35 PM, Tony Anecito <adanecito at> wrote:

> Hi Danno,
> Is b20 have the fix for command line parameters that should get passed to the "args" for the static main method? And if so how do I do that via the deployfx ant task?
> Thanks,
> -Tony

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