Camera look at in 3d

Chien Yang chien.yang at
Wed Jul 9 15:12:08 UTC 2014

We aren't ready to support ease of easy camera controls in JavaFX 8. 
However our sample team did include a camera control utility in the 
JavaFX 8 Samples download. Please look for the 
com.javafx.experiments.jfx3dviewer package.

- Chien

On 7/9/2014 3:26 AM, Jack Moxley wrote:
> One of the things sorely missed is a simple way of getting the camera to rotate so it looks at a specified point in 3d space. I am racking my head trying to work out how to do this, does anyone have any ideas/pointers in how to achieve this?
> Any help much appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Jack

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