Java SE Embedded 8u6 and JDK 8u6 for ARM released

Jörg Wille joerg.wille at
Fri Jul 11 14:29:52 UTC 2014

Hi Lisa,
I know that ARM- and Embedded-Version are closed-source. But I hoped that
the information, what OpenJFX-Changeset it is based on, would be public.
For someone like me, who is following the 8u-dev repo carefully, it would
increase confidence in the release, if I knew, which bugs were fixed.

In this specific case, I would like to know if this patch ( has made it
in to this release.


2014-07-11 14:52 GMT+02:00 Lisa Selle <lisa.selle at>:

> Hi Jörg,
> The repos that the 8u6 release were built from are not currently public.
>  I don't believe there is any plan to make them public, although I will
> follow up on this question.
> In the case where the repos remain private, then I'm sorry to say that
> while all JavaFX changesets for 8u6 are also in 8u-dev, there is no tag or
> other indicator which would let you see exactly which changesets went into
> 8u6, or to duplicate them in a build.
> If you are interested in specific features or bug fixes, there are jiras
> corresponding to the bulk of the changesets - just look for 8u6 in the fix
> version field.  The jiraas should contain links to the corresponding
> openjfx changeset.
> Is this just a general question or is there something specific you are
> looking for?  Maybe there is another way to get you the information you're
> after.
> Lisa
> On 7/11/2014 5:25 AM, Jörg Wille wrote:
>> Hi,
>> what JavaFX Changeset is this release based on?
>> And in which repo can I see the tag for this release?
>> Jörg
>>  Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 17:06:58 +0300
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>>> Subject: Java SE Embedded 8u6 and JDK 8u6 for ARM released
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>>> Hi,
>>> JDK 8u6 for ARM and Java SE Embedded 8u6 were released yesterday. This
>>> release includes new JavaFX features in addition to bug fixes:
>>> Support for Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre Device Platform
>>> Multitouch support
>>> The 8u6 release also includes several enhancements to the core Java
>>> platform such as reduced static footprint and improved runtime
>>> performance.
>>> Java SE Embedded:
>>> embedded-se/downloads/javase-embedded-downloads-2209751.html
>>> JDK for ARM:
>>> downloads/jdk8-arm-downloads-2187472.html
>>> Docs:
>>> This is an update to the tested and supported binary release of JavaFX.
>>> The OpenJFX sources have the latest features and bug fixes, but have not
>>> undergone the same testing as supported JavaFX binary releases.
>>> Daniel

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