JavaFX embedded (jre 8u6): touch problem (malformed multi touch event)

Lisa Selle lisa.selle at
Wed Jul 23 13:06:08 UTC 2014

Hi Prasant,

This looks suspiciously related to  If so, this bug *should* 
be fixed in Monocle but it is not (and will not be) fixed in lens.

I believe you are building openJFX, correct?  If you can try a recent 
build with the latest Monocle code (if you are building from OpenJFX, 
monocle is now the default) the problem should be resolved. Please let 
us know if that's not the case.


On 7/23/2014 1:52 AM, Prasant J wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm woking on Freescale iMX6Q based linux system and I have a single
> touch display connected. I'm running Oracle ARM JVM (8u6 release).
> The touch is multi touch with 2 touch points (touch controller is from
> eGalax). My javafx application does not get any touch events and
> javafx dumps the following message:
> " nativeEventLoop
> SEVERE: 2352 udevInput.c:1634 lens_input_pointerEvents_handleSync:
> [preprocessing MT_A] malformed multi touch event - ignoring"
> Any clue what might be wrong? Any inputs will be of help to me.
> -Pj

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