Mirrored observable collections

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Thu Jul 24 08:26:11 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,

well seems as if you can create such a method using StringBinding with 
4-5 lines of code. Personally I wished that StringConverter was a SAM 
interface so that I can just provide a lambda for it. In many cases - 
like yours - it is sufficient to implement the toString method...


On 23.07.2014 16:28, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Yes createStringBinding helps but is verbose and repetitive. format()
> requires the formatting to be specifiable with format codes, not Java.
> What I want is basically
> bindBidirectional(Property<String> stringProperty, Property<T>
> otherProperty, StringConverter<T> converter)
> but with a signature of
> bind(Property<String> stringProperty, ReadOnlyProperty<T> otherProperty,
> StringConverter<T> converter)
> as in practice this is often what's wanted when converting data model
> objects into labels.

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