How to learn the identity of the graphics card?

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Thu Jul 31 23:18:58 UTC 2014

There is no way to do this through the API (or any other public API that 
I am aware of). In general, this is discouraged because it leads to 
non-portable code.

Would it be feasible for you to do some measurements / calibration on 
the system and make the determination based on measured speed? That 
seems more to the point anyway.

-- Kevin

Mike Hearn wrote:
> I'd like to change my animations depending on whether the users GPU can
> keep up. For now, I'm OK with some manual string matching on adapter IDs. I
> see no way in JavaFX to find out what hardware I'm on. Is there a
> different/other way to get this data, via some other Java API?

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