Resizing stage creates delays in platform.runLater pool?

Guillaume Anctil drakkoon at
Mon Jun 2 14:20:54 UTC 2014


I have encountered severe lag in my application when resizing the stage
while an animation is running.

I've made this very simple example code to reproduce the issue:

This is only a tread that acquires a semaphore, prints the
System.nanotime() delta and releases the semaphore. There's a button on the
stage that can clicked on to start a fade animation and stop it.

Resizing the stage while it is animating will create huge deltas in the
thread. Stopping the animation brings everything back to normal. Restarting
the animation once resized and stopped does not create the huge deltas
until you resize again.

Does anyone know what is at play here, what underlying system creates the
lag and how to avoid this?


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