SceneBuilder 2.0 import custom components from Jar

Christian krampenschiesser at
Sun Jun 8 08:24:36 UTC 2014

I was trying to import controlsfx-5.0.6 and controlsfx-5.0.6_20 into 
However only some or few controls could be imported.
When using these controls strange effects happen.
I was looking into the user guide in order to determine the requirements 
that have to be met by the components in the jar file.
However there was just a simple guideline about how to import and not 
how to develop custom components so that they match the scenebuilder.
I further turned the logging level of the scenbuilder to finest and 
hoped to see at least some stacktraces that might give me a hint.
But I only saw stacktraces when using the imported components (mainly 
belonging to missing resources because of classpath problems) nothing 
from the import/jarfile-scan itself.
I was hoping that I can adjust the controlsfx classes so that they work 
fine with the scenebuilder.
Any hints are more then welcome!

It seems that scenebuilder is closed source, or is the some source out 
there I could start with?
Is there an early access release for 8u20?


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