IMPORTANT: Commit rules for next week's rampdown to M5

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Jun 13 20:29:56 UTC 2014


Next week is our ramp-down week for M5, which is the last milestone 
before we fork the 8u20 stabilization repo. As a reminder, the Milestone 
Week stabilization rules [1] are in effect for any changesets pushed 
after 1am on Monday, June 16. This means no post-commit reviews, and you 
need an extra "+1" from one of the leads listed on the Wiki (the usual 
exception applies for javadoc changes and changes that don't touch the 
shipping bits).

Given that this is the last milestone before 8u20 goes into its 
end-of-the-release stabilization we are likely to be a bit more strict 
than previous milestones about giving approval. Pretty much if it isn't 
a regression or a serious bug, it will likely need to wait for 8u40.

-- Steve & Kevin


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