IMPORTANT: Commit rules for next week's rampdown to M5

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Jun 20 22:40:15 UTC 2014

As a reminder, only approved changes should be going in this week (with 
the noted exceptions). These rules are in effect until Monday, June 23 @ 
1am, after which the repo is frozen for (in)sanity testing. It is likely 
to remain frozen for a bit longer than usual this time, but should open 
back up Monday evening if all goes well.

-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> Next week is our ramp-down week for M5, which is the last milestone 
> before we fork the 8u20 stabilization repo. As a reminder, the 
> Milestone Week stabilization rules [1] are in effect for any 
> changesets pushed after 1am on Monday, June 16. This means no 
> post-commit reviews, and you need an extra "+1" from one of the leads 
> listed on the Wiki (the usual exception applies for javadoc changes 
> and changes that don't touch the shipping bits).
> Given that this is the last milestone before 8u20 goes into its 
> end-of-the-release stabilization we are likely to be a bit more strict 
> than previous milestones about giving approval. Pretty much if it 
> isn't a regression or a serious bug, it will likely need to wait for 
> 8u40.
> -- Steve & Kevin
> [1]

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