JavaFX at JavaOne 2014

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Jun 23 16:39:11 UTC 2014

> There are no reasons that JavaFX could not work well on mobile platforms,
> providing there is a JVM. I was convinced that mobile UI toolkits were very
> specific, but it's really not the case. Android UI Toolkit has really very
> few mobile specificities for example.

It's not so much the toolkit, but the layouts. Yes, you could probably make
a JavaFX that runs OK on iOS/Android though the API would be necessarily
incompatible e.g. no inter-application drag and drop, only one stage, no
exposed file system, very different ideas about menus and toolbars etc.

But, you'd still need to design completely new layouts/FXMLs to handle the
different screen sizes and conventions. And that probably means quite some
changes to your controllers, CSS and animation code as well.

In the end, you'd still need two versions of your app. The only difference
is how much knowledge can be reused? Most of the code would be the same.

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