JEP 253 Update: new JavaDoc ready for review

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Thu Aug 27 22:41:45 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As promised the other week here is an updated javadoc export of the 
proposed APIs for JEP 253. It includes the APIs for the third subproject 
(new CSS APIs), and it also _removes_ the APIs for the second subproject 
(InputMap APIs).

The URL for the JavaDoc is here:

The CSS APIs are ready for review, but we are the first to admit that 
the javadoc is incomplete. We plan to do a big javadoc push on these 
docs in the next week, but we didn't want to hold up the first review 
until then. If you have questions on certain API, please let us know - 
at the very least it may inform our javadoc efforts!

The InputMap API has been removed as we have decided now is not the 
right time to move that forward. For one it has not yet been met with 
universal community praise :-), but for two it doesn't feel right to 
release it without the behaviors themselves becoming public. I worried 
that without the behaviors being public that the InputMap was a bit of a 
'map to nowhere'. My hope is that we can resolve this in an update 
release of JDK 9. The plan now is to remove the second subproject from 
JEP 253 to have it correctly tracking our intentions, so I will be doing 
that in the coming week.

However, all is not lost! The InputMap continues to live on inside our 
behaviors code, and will continue to form the basis for future 
iterations and investigations. It already is a much nicer approach than 
we had previously for our behaviors, so I'm quite happy that even though 
we haven't scored the points for new public API, we've scored code 
quality points at least.

We look forward to your feedback,
-- Jonathan

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