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exactly what I expected to hear from Oracle! You count the number of input
that actually made it through exactly that bureaucracy I am talking about
holding back contributors! Well done! Certainly the number is zero, that's
what I try to tell you. 

I actually talk about those people that *did not* invest the time to
contribute their JavaFX improvents, because they feat that bureaucracy. This
number is what you can gain, and it is much higher.

In fact, the number of people who feel p*-off by the JIRA-change this Summer
is much larger than you would assume. Some of them being well-known in the
JavaFX community, BTW. There are many people willing to contribute, but you
simply ignore them thanks to statistics like those. Actually I assume we're
talking about 100 people only in Germany from what the JUG leaders told me.
Further ignore them if you like. Your choice.

Count just my own JIRA tickets and multiply it by the number of JUGs and you
come near to the real potential that you miss.


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On 01.12.2015 20:13, Markus KARG wrote:
> anymore or AT LEAST vote and comment on existing tickets. Is the JavaFX
> clear about how many contributors you lost by that policy?

I think the number you're looking for is zero, judging by the number of 
'Contributed-by' changesets in the rt repository in the last 12 months.[0]

In fact, the number of such changesets has increased significantly after 
the migration to JIRA back in June. Looks like the objective reality is 
quite different from subjective perception. ;)

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