Future of JavaFX

Daniel Kraus daniel.kraus at mailbox.org
Tue Dec 1 22:26:44 UTC 2015

Volkswagen is doing a lot of research with JavaFX. For more than two years
now, it is their technology of choice for rapid HMI prototyping. The have
developed a framework–namely Tappas–entirely written in Java/JavaFX, which
already runs on embedded hardware, featuring a 3D map renderer.[1][2][3]

Projects like this are good to create trust in JavaFX, especially when
huge companies like Volkswagen promote the technology. However, it is
uncertain whether JavaFX will ever make it into series development.

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2mvLSzM1kg

On 30-11-2015 22:52, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> OTOH, from what I hear VW has chosen to use JavaFX for it's in car
> systems. And I have just been on an interview for a traffic management
> system where they chose JavaFX over web based. So there also is
> adoption. But it will be slow. My gut says: give it time, and a bit of
> TLC promotionwise would not be bad.
> Tom

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