Future of JavaFX

Markus KARG markus at headcrashing.eu
Wed Dec 2 17:45:02 UTC 2015

I see it differently. Often the initial contribution does not fulfil the
quality, because the original author alone has not the time to fix all the
law stuff, but just has a great idea and hacks it down. Then others chime in
an fix it. I often saw (an helped with) such features in other open source
projects like PostgreSQL, JOnAS, FOP, DITA-OT... and it was always a great
experience to work *together* to get the thing running and finally done in
the wanted quality.

This is not possible in the JavaFX project, as the original author has no
chance to file to core idea and let others finish it, since you expect the
original author not only having the great idea and hack together the first
draw, but first of all, sign papers, read lots of rules and process
definitions, and so on, before you even take a look at his idea (this is
what happened to me several times). Hence, you expect the original author to
have plenty of time to do all that on his own, all alone. That does not
match on most community driven open source authors, it only matches on
commercial open source vendors.

So actually you only want to get contributions from Oracle, IBM, Gluan and
possibly a hand full of fully paid others, but not from the user space.
That's a pity, because that user space has a lot of great ideas. So if you
only want full-time contributors, please say it loud and clear on the "how
to contribute" page, and all that "noise" from the community will stop at
once -- including USING JavaFX as a side effect.

I wouldn't bother you if I wouldn't have met those people and listened to
their ideas, BTW.


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On 01.12.2015 22:58, Markus KARG wrote:
> I actually talk about those people that *did not* invest the time to
> contribute

Making high quality contributions to open source projects takes a 
considerable amount of humbleness, time and effort. People who aren't 
able or willing to invest the necessary time and effort into making high 
quality contributions are not likely to produce acceptable results - in 
any open source community.

To quote Jono Bacon:

"Low-quality contributors don't bring much other than noise: they are a 
net drain on resources because other good contributors have to take time 
away to support them." [1]

dalibor topic

[1] http://opensource.com/life/15/3/how-to-fire-community-members
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