Reviewing impl_* methods in JavaFX

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Wed Dec 2 23:42:55 UTC 2015

Hi all.

As you may recall a few months back I kicked off a review of APIs that 
exist in com.sun.* packages that were going to be lost due to the 
arrival of JDK 9. This resulted in a small number of APIs being proposed 
and made public in the last few weeks. With JDK 9 slipping we think it 
is prudent to use some of this time to do a similar exercise for the 
many impl_* methods that exist as deprecated methods in JavaFX. We would 
like to do two things:

1) Remove as many of these as possible.
2) Replace the relevant (and most important) impl_ methods with proper, 
non-deprecated API instead.

Some impl_* methods need to go simply because they take as arguments 
com.sun.* API. Other impl_* methods need to go away as they are bad or 
wrong API, intended for internal use only. Some subset of impl_* methods 
exist because they were added without the benefit of a full API review, 
but should now be reviewed and possibly made public.

Another indicator of how far we should progress this review is your 
usage of these methods. Therefore, it would be very interesting to us if 
you could email me (off list!) the output of a grep search in your 
projects. You could try running a command along the lines of the following:

grep -r --include "*.java" "impl_" .

This will help to inform us about the extent to which methods are being 
used, and which ones we need to think more carefully about before 
removing or replacing.


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