JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Sun Dec 6 02:29:27 UTC 2015

I seem to recall that the Arm builds of Java 8 no longer include JavaFX.  I just installed 8u65 on my Raspberry Pi and that does in fact appear to be the case.

The web page was last updated in June and it implies that JavaFX is included in the Java 8 Arm build.  Where do I find the current instructions for getting JavaFX onto a Raspberry Pi?

Is there anything pre-built available, or am I forced to build it myself with the instructions here: ?

I’m using a Mac, and the instructions say that mainly Linux is used to cross-build for Arm, so hopefully I won’t get stuck in build hell :-)

I also noticed that JavaME builds include the Device I/O API  (
 Is it possible to use these APIs and JavaFX on a Raspberry Pi at the same time?  Can the Device I/O libraries (.jar and .so) simply be copied over from a JavaME install to a JavaSE install?  Do Java 9 modules help with any of that?



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