Why there is no WebWorker like mechanism for JavaFX

Rahman USTA rahman.usta.88 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 12:49:21 UTC 2015

I'm really enjoying developing apps in JavaFX, but I think there is a
limitation point;

When we think HTML5, there is WebWorker to run long-running tasks in
another process. So, we know WebWorker has no DOM access, it is generally
used computational needs.

Ok, We can run long-running tasks in JavaFX with many threading services,
but there is one exception;

There are a lot of JavaScript libraries, and executing them in WebView
needs JavaFX Application Thread. But, what if your JS code takes long time
to execute ? Your UI will hang. Is it required to execute JS code in
WebView if it is not accessing DOM API?


Rahman USTA
Istanbul JUG
https://github.com/rahmanusta <http://www.kodcu.com/>

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