Update on FX plans for JDK 9

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Thu Dec 17 14:21:36 UTC 2015

Given the recently announced JDK 9 schedule slip [1], we have taken the 
opportunity to explore what RFE's / Features we could possibly now work 
on for inclusion in JDK 9. We wanted to give you a pre-holiday season 
update on what we are currently thinking.

The following RFEs are in progress or planned for JDK 9:

   JDK-8144585: Encapsulate JavaFX impl_* implementation methods
   JDK-8143158: [Text, TextFlow] Make public API from internal "impl" APIs
   JDK-8091308: Define fine-grained permissions for JavaFX
   Expose Hi-DPI properties for render scale and screen scale (FX 
equivalent task for JEP 263 JDK-8055212)
   Multi-resolution image support (FX equivalent task for JEP 251 

Additionally, we have started to look into making public API for some of 
the impl_* API that will otherwise be hidden by JDK-8144585. See 
Jonathan's earlier e-mail on the subject [2]. Here is what we have so far:

   JDK-8144628: Provide API to expose list of showing Windows
   JDK-8144625: Expose code and char properties on KeyCode
   JDK-8144962: Promote TableColumn reorderable property to public API
   JDK-8144871: Add default method getStyleableNode to Styleable interface
   JDK-8145143: Promote Image.impl_getUrl() to public API as Image.getUrl()
   JDK-8144956: Remove impl_cssGet*InitialValue() methods from Node and 

If there are any we have missed that your application depends on, please 
send e-mail to Jonathan.

Finally, here is an updated list of other RFEs we might consider for JDK 
9. We will not be able to do all of these, but hope to be able to do 
many of them. We could use the help of the OpenJFX community in 
prioritizing this list or possibly adding something that we missed, as 
long as the scope is small enough.

   JDK-8091107: Add java.awt.Desktop support to javafx
   JDK-8091517: Implement com.apple.eawt APIs that make sense in JavaFX 
(FX equivalent for JEP 272)
   JDK-8087516: Conditional support in JavaFX for GTK 3 on Linux
   JDK-8092040: Implement Image writers for JavaFX
   JDK-8091673: Runtime should have a published focus traversal API for 
use in custom controls
   JDK-8089311: [TableCell] commit on focus lost not possible in every case
   JDK-8090477: Customizable visibility timing for Tooltip
   JDK-8092098: [TabPane] Support for draggable tabs
   JDK-8144556: Add support to allow user specified rendering order
   JDK-8145443: [Mac] Render directly to NSWIndow rather than via 
CALayer for non-applet Stage
   JDK-8145154: Provide public API support for PerformanceTracker 
   JDK-8090763: Public API for Glass's robot functionality

Let us know what is most important to your application.

We will keep you posted with updates on what exactly is being targeted 
(note that you can track it by looking at the Fix Version in JBS, which 
we strive to keep up-to-date).


-- Kevin


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