Update on FX plans for JDK 9

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Thu Dec 17 22:05:05 UTC 2015

>   JDK-8091107: Add java.awt.Desktop support to javafx
>   JDK-8091517: Implement com.apple.eawt APIs that make sense in JavaFX (FX
> equivalent for JEP 272)

Exposing platform APIs is a big deal for anyone who wants to make an app
that really benefits from being on the desktop. Doing things like handling
files, registering URL handlers etc was a big PITA in my app. Definitely +1
to supporting these cases better.

>   JDK-8145443: [Mac] Render directly to NSWIndow rather than via CALayer
> for non-applet Stage

It's unclear from this description or the bug what the benefit of doing
that would be. Performance?

>   JDK-8145154: Provide public API support for PerformanceTracker
> functionality
>   JDK-8090763: Public API for Glass's robot functionality

For testing and so on, public APIs seem lower priority to me. A developer
can always override Jigsaw from the command line and use whatever internal
APIs are needed. Breakage is less of a concern because it's under the
control of the developer.

The biggest lack in the JavaFX/javapackager/jlink story is still, by far, a
slick auto update system. Shipping apps that can't update themselves in
2015 is unacceptable even for corporate deployments.

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