Text differences between OSes

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Sun Dec 27 08:48:48 UTC 2015

The article behind the link says that specifying the size in px should solve it, I just retried that, but unfortunately specifying the font size in any unit, pt, cm, px, results in different values on either OS.

I've also tried replacing Text with Label and there a 24pt text is rendered as 19.0 or 21.0. Cleaner numbers.
A 24px text as either 14.0 or 16.0, both exactly 2.0 width difference.
So 12px is rendered as expected as 7.0 and 8.0, exactly 1.0 difference; half the size, half of the difference. Seems to indicate a scaling.
But 18px as 11.0 and 12.0, I had expected 1.5 difference if it were a scale.

On 26-12-2015 23:24, Hervé Girod wrote:
> In my memory the point size in Unix systems and Windows do not consider the same default screen density. See this for example: http://www.rfwilmut.clara.net/about/fonts.html
> Hervé
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>> On Dec 26, 2015, at 23:05, Tom Eugelink <tbee at tbee.org> wrote:
>> Maybe someone can help me get going on this: my 'unit' tests on some of the component in JFXtras fail when run on different operating systems; right now I'm running Debian next to Windows and rending the same Text node has different results: on Windows it is 847 pixels wide, on Linux it is 1083 pixels.
>> So I suspected that a different default font was the cause, so I setup Google Roboto on both systems, but even then I have 1786 vs 2000 pixels (13.64 vs 15.26 for a single "0" with Roboto Medium on font-size 24). What else besides the font can cause this difference?
>> Tom

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