Build farm for OpenJFX (on ARM)

Chris Newland cnewland at
Thu Feb 5 08:35:39 UTC 2015

Hi Johan, all,

Following the announcement that JDK builds for ARM will no longer include
JavaFX I started talking with the OpenJDK Adoption group
( about the
possibility of using their CloudBees CI system to produce OpenJFX binaries
(for all operating systems including ARM) as a way to help keep JavaFX
alive on IoT devices.

For those who don't know the Adoption group, its mission is to help
developers get started with building OpenJDK, testing new features,
submitting bug reports, and cleaning up code.

Adoption has a CloudBees CI set up and I've been talking with Mani Sarkar
(@theneomatrix369) about setting up an OpenJFX CI project with
cross-compile support that builds OpenJFX for all archs.

The cross-compile instructions here
are working great for me locally so now we're trying to work out how to
move that to the cloud.

I don't want to tread on anyone's toes here and we're not trying to become
any kind of official source for JavaFX, just trying to make sure there's
an easy way (e.g. binaries) for end users to add JavaFX to their ARM JDKs
and to help people dip their toes into OpenJFX development as per the
Adoption group's mission.

Happy to coordinate on how we can make this useful and avoid any
duplication of effort :)

Personally, I'm a big fan of JavaFX and use it as the UI layer in JITWatch
 ( I'm also into IoT and
wearables and think JavaFX would be great on the new Raspberry Pi 2.



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