LinuxTouchTransform: wrong range on flipXY and continuus re-calculation

Maurice info at
Wed Mar 2 08:38:20 UTC 2016

It seems to me that  initTransform(int axis, int index) in 
LinuxTouchTransform calculates the wrong range. Regardless of the flipXY 
setting it uses for the ABS_X the device's width and for the ABS_Y the 
device's height. While in case with flipXY it should use for ABS_X the 
device's height and for ABS_Y as the device's width.

Without this correction it becomes impossible to 'calibrate' a touch 
screen, especially if the minX and minY aren't zero.

As an aside, I noticed that the LinuxTouchTransform's initTransform is 
called every time a touch event is delivered to the system. This seems 
unnecessary, as long as the screen is the same screen all transforms and 
scalars will remain the same for each touch event.


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