Javadoc tool version used to build JavaFX documentation

Anirvan Sarkar powers.anirvan at
Wed Mar 2 12:26:04 UTC 2016


Is the Javadoc tool used to build JavaFX documentation not from the JDK
used to build JavaFX ?

If you view the javafx.event.Event 'Uses' webpage [1] source, you will see
the comment:

<!-- Generated by javadoc (1.8.0) on Tue Feb 10 11:39:35 PST 2015 -->

So it looks like the documentation is built using jdk1.8.0 while JavaFX
itself is built using jdk1.8.0_40 [2].

The alignment in the concerned webpage is messed up. (Description column is
all the way to the right and its width is very small).

When I built the documentation locally using jdk1.8.0_40 the webpage is
displayed properly.

Seems like there was some Javadoc bug in 1.8.0 which was resolved in some
subsequent releases.

[1] :
[2] :


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