[9] Review request for FX Jigsaw changes

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Thu Mar 17 03:00:17 UTC 2016

Here are the proposed final webrevs barring any last minute problems:



Here are the delta webrevs from version 00. There is no change to 
fxpackager in version 01:


-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> Please review the webrev for reviewing the jigsaw changes for FX.
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8092093
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kcr/8092093/webrev.00/rt/
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kcr/8092093/webrev.00/rt-fxpackager/
> I have separated out the in-progress changes to modules/fxpackager* 
> (jdk.packager and jdk.packager.services modules) so they can be 
> reviewed separately. However, they will be pushed along with the other 
> changes as a single changeset.
> These changes are planned to be integrated into FX 9 at the same time 
> as the JDK changes are integrated (probably next week). They will be 
> synced down to FX 9-dev shortly after that.
> Please note the following:
> * The required boot JDK to build FX after the Jigsaw integration will 
> be JDK 9 build 109. We are not yet able to build with a Jigsaw-based 
> JDK 9 as the boot JDK yet, so we will be sticking at JDK 9 build 109 
> for a few weeks.
> * gradle 2.11 is required to build using JDK 9
> * In addition to building JavaFX as modules for use with a 
> Jigsaw-capable JDK, we still build the "legacy sdk" using the existing 
> pre-Jigsaw layout, including jfxrt.jar, etc. As such, most developers 
> during the transition will hopefully not notice too much change.
> * If you do want to run tests using the modules, you will need a 
> Jigsaw-based JDK with javafx modules included, and point to that with 
> a JDK9_HOME (likely to be changed to JIGSAW_HOME) env variable. If you 
> actually want to build the JDK (which you will need to do if any 
> module dependencies change), we will send out separate instructions. 
> These will eventually make it onto the OpenJFX Wiki.
> * The fxpackager modules are disabled by default. To enable them, you 
> need to build a Jigsaw-based JDK *without* the jdk.pacakger* modules 
> and point to that with a JDK9_HOME (likely to be changed to 
> JIGSAW_HOME) env variable. Since most developers will not build in 
> this mode, you need to set 'gradle -PBUILD_FXPACKAGER' to enable 
> building the packager.
> * I will refresh the webrev tomorrow afternoon, after making a couple 
> of planned changes and reacting to any feedback, and again on 
> Wednesday afternoon.
> -- Kevin

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