Syncing Jigsaw changes into FX 9-dev

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Mar 22 17:55:53 UTC 2016

We have integrated the FX Jigsaw changes into 9 (master) for this week's 
build. I will sync these changes down to FX 9-dev later today.

What this means to you is this:

* You will need JDK 9 build 109 (a pre-Jigsaw JDK 9 for boot JDK) and 
gradle 2.11 to continue building FX 9-dev. This is a transitional step 
to eventually building with a Jigsaw-enabled version of the JDK.

* During the transition period, you will be able to build and run FX in 
"legacy mode" as you did before this change. The JavaFX "legacy" sdk 
still contains a non-modular jfxrt.jar which will run with JDK 9 build 109.

* For those who want to start testing with a Jigsaw-enabled JDK you can 
either build the JDK yourself or use -Xpatch to override the class files.

* We will update our OpenJFX Wiki with instructions on how to build / test

* Application developers who just want to grab the latest JDK EA 
binaries and use them to build / run their application should be aware 
that Jigsaw modularity is enabled starting with JDK 9 build 111. This 
means that module boundaries are enabled, so you will not be able to get 
to com.sun.javafx classes.

* The javafx.swt module is not yet available so SWT interop application 
will not work. This is tracked by JDK-8131888 [1].

* The javapackager -- jdk.packager and jdk.packager.* modules -- is 
undergoing a pretty significant refactoring to enable it to build and 
run modular applications -- see JEP 275 [2]. The packager will likely be 
somewhat unstable for the next few weeks as a result.

-- Kevin


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