JavaFX Application Heat up MacBook Pro

Tai Hu at
Fri Mar 25 20:12:02 UTC 2016

My JavaFX application runs fine on a Windows box with less than 10% of CPU usage. However, if I run the same application on a MacBook Pro 13 inch (Laptop monitor, no external monitor). About 30 seconds after I launched application, MacBook cooling fan will kick in and running high, just a few minutes later, laptop is too hot to put directly on your lap. Actually I tried Ensemble app, which has exactly same issue. Few minutes after launch, fan kicks in and laptop become hot. I put my application under VisualVM and also checked Mac Activity Monitor, based on the number both of them show the CPU usage is not extremely high and average out about 25% and sometimes spike to 40%. But entire machine heats up. Almost all of our Mac clients complained about this issue to us. Does anyone could shield some light on this issue?



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