ACTION - JavaFX modular build is here

David Hill David.Hill at
Tue Nov 8 14:42:32 UTC 2016

The new modular build has been committed to 9-dev !!!

To ensure a continued happy development, please consider the following advice :-)

Clean up your old repository before syncing.
    gradle clean
consider (but not required)
   hg purge --all

unset JIGSAW_HOME   # this enviroment variable is no longer used in 9-dev

Download, install and verify you have the version you think you have.
     Gradle 3.1+ [1]
     JDK 9 build 142+ [2]
     Ant 1.8.2  (note, that there are known issue with 1.9.x) [3]

Remember, if you still need to work with older workspaces like 8, keep gradle 2.11 around, as Gradle 3.1 will NOT work. To help with this, I set to environment variables:
and then now add $GRADLE3_HOME/bin to my path as this is the default I use. But this allows me to use $GRADLE2_HOME/bin/gradle in older repositories.

At this point, sync in the new changes and build it !

export JDK_HOME=_path_to_jdk_9_ea_142+
$GRADLE3_HOME/bin/gradle clean sdk


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