Fwd: Re: Marlin-Renderer and JavaFX

Jim Graham james.graham at oracle.com
Wed Nov 9 23:27:48 UTC 2016

On 10/20/16 5:34 AM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>> For now the OpenPiscesRasterizer class uses a static Renderer (single
>> instance) so it is single-threaded.
>> In MarlinFX I could prepare the multi-threading support by using 1
>> RendererContext per thread (ThreadLocal) as I did in Marlin for java2d.
>> However it seems a complex task to enable parallelization in the javafx
>> pipeline but I could help there also...
> Enabling parallel rasterization seems like a good follow-on task, but is out of scope for the short term given the
> limited amount of time. Also, the only way that MarlinFX even has a chance of getting approved for in JDK 9 is for the
> default OpenPisces path to be unaltered.

Also, such a parallelization of the javafx pipelines would be a fairly large task.

I would think an effort to parallelize a single shape rasterization would be much simpler in scope.  Still outside the 
current JDK 9 timeline, but definitely something that could help in future releases.  I believe that once we put the 
edges into the internal structures we could parallelize the rasterization of individual scanlines and maybe break a tall 
shape up into N horizontal bands for N threads.  Other thoughts would be a thread to generate the crossings and N 
threads to populate the alphas...?


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