PopupWindow.AnchorLocation inconsistent with other location properties in RTL mode

Itai itaisha at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:44:30 UTC 2016

It seems the meaning of AnchorLocation is opposite to all other
position/location parameters in JavaFX when using RTL orientation: in
javafx.geometry.Pos, javafx.geometry.HPos LEFT always means "start", so in
RTL orientation it aligns nodes to the right (i.e. start of read order).

In AnchorLocation however, LEFT and RIGHT have absolute meanings,
regardless of node orientation. The comment in [1] says this is how it
should work, but considering this is opposite to how other parts of JavaFX
operate and that in RTL orientation the default behavior should be
anchoring to the right, I think it may be a problem.

At the very least, perhaps clarify in the documentation of AnchorLocation
that its meaning differs from Pos etc.?



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