Creating a plugin for WebEngine.

Mattias Eliasson mattias.eliasson at
Sat Oct 1 16:32:37 UTC 2016


I am planing to create an Applet plugin for WebEngine and in order to do 
so I need more information on the appropriate way to do this. What I 
basically want to do is to insert a JavaFX custom control where there 
are an Applet or Object html tag. As WebEngine internals isn't well 
documented I write to this list in hope of getting some hints on how to 
do this.

I have thought of an "ugly" way to do this by intercepting the download 
and replacing the tags with empty spaces that I then can render upon.

I am looking for something similar to this pseudocode:

for each item in DOM
     if item tag is "applet" or "object"
         item.node = new MyPlugin(item)

Or perhaps something like:
     web.setTagRenderer("applet", myPluginFactory)
     web.setTagRenderer("object", myPluginFactory)

The latter may be more capable to do things like intercept JavaScript 
putting code into the DOM. Also it doesn't introduce a redundant loop 
outside of the engine.

// Mattias

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