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Markus KARG markus at headcrashing.eu
Sun Oct 16 06:53:47 UTC 2016

Laurent, the problem is that OpenJDK 9's feature set is already fixed, so I think it is not possible to *officially* adopt huge features like Marlin FX at such a "late" point. Besides that I think that Marlin FX is of so high value to OpenJDK that I would like to nominate you as an OpenJDK committer. But that is up to Kevin to decide, certainly!

I don't know the internal structure of that part of JavaFX, but maybe Kevin could point us to some private APIs or config options one could use to allow anybody to simply bundle Marlin FX as an alternativ renderer with any JavaFX 8 or 9 application?


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Hi Kevin,

> This sounds promising. I looks forward to taking it for a test drive.

Thanks for your feedback. Could you share benchmark tools ? Or at least your results.
I also tested marlinFX with large texts and it rocks. See

> Besides asking other people to help you evaluate it and test it (which
you just did), the next step would be for you to file a JEP for javafx/graphics as you did earlier for client-libs/java2d. It seems like something we might consider for JDK 10, once the JDK 10 project is open and we start scoping it.

I know that process which is very slow and time consuming: marlin JEP265 was submitted in july 2015, integrated in dec 2015, few improvements after but still unreleased as OpenJDK9 should be GA in july 2017 !!

It took me few evenings to make MarlinFX (some cleanup work remains but only few days of work) and I fear that jdk10 will be released in 2020 so this timescale is just too far for me, as all this work will be done for free and consume my spare time. Moreover I would hope GPU could perform the rasterization at that date (opencl, panama project...)

Could somebody else endorse / sponsor this new OpenJFX JEP and help to make it ready for jdk9 (new JEPs are still acceptable). Of course I will not vanish but just focus on coding + testing improvements.


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