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Sven Reimers sven.reimers at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 14:59:04 UTC 2016

Seeing that there is JEP about AOT showing a 9 in the release number just
published, Marlin-Renderer should not be so big...


Am 17.10.2016 16:42 schrieb "Kevin Rushforth" <kevin.rushforth at oracle.com>:

> Hi Laurent,
> Sure, we will share any benchmark results we have, although we likely
> won't have too much time to spend on it in the near term, since we are
> busily fixing bugs for JDK 9. As for getting this into JDK 9, it is way too
> late for something of this scope. We are already past feature freeze and
> are now in bug fix and stabilization mode. Yes, there is a process where a
> few small enhancements might be considered [1], but even those require JDK
> 9 release team approval, which is very unlikely for anything that rises to
> the level of a new feature.
> I hope JDK 10 won't take as long as JDK 9 is taking, but as there isn't a
> proposed JDK 10 project yet, we don't know the timeline. I expect we will
> know more in the next couple of months.
> With strong encapsulation, the only way to access internal implementation
> classes is via a command-line switch to add qualified exports for the
> internal packages that you access. Note that any such use of internal
> packages is fragile and could break at any time, but is an option for
> applications that bundle a specific version of the JRE.
> -- Kevin
> [1] http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk9/fc-extension-process
> Laurent Bourgès wrote:
>> Mark,
>> > Laurent, the problem is that OpenJDK 9's feature set is already fixed,
>> so I think it is not possible to *officially* adopt huge features like
>> Marlin FX at such a "late" point. Besides that I think that Marlin FX is of
>> so high value to OpenJDK that I would like to nominate you as an OpenJDK
>> committer. But that is up to Kevin to decide, certainly!
>> OpenJDK9 is currently in the Feature Complete extension-request process
>> so it seems possible to submit a new JEP with very small impact and risk.
>> As marlin-fx is very close to the integrated Marlin renderer in OpenJDK9,
>> the risk is small for me but there will be certainly issues with jigsaw
>> modularization of OpenJFX: MarlinFX uses jdk Unsafe for example. Moreover,
>> integrating such JEP would imply to hurry up to be completed for dec 2016 !
>> FYI I am already jdk9 commiter in the client forrest but not in openjfx.
>> > I don't know the internal structure of that part of JavaFX, but maybe
>> Kevin could point us to some private APIs or config options one could use
>> to allow anybody to simply bundle Marlin FX as an alternativ renderer with
>> any JavaFX 8 or 9 application?
>> It is certainly tricky due to classloader isolation and modules... but
>> there is certainly some workaround.
>> Cheers,
>> Laurent

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