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Markus KARG markus at headcrashing.eu
Wed Oct 19 15:16:03 UTC 2016

Michael, note that Marlin FX still is fully software rendering, while you asked for more hardware rendering recently. The latter will be an additional approach not targeted yet by Marlin FX.

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I'd appreciate such a solution too.


Am 19.10.16 um 14:34 schrieb Kevin Rushforth:
> Jim Graham suggested the same thing to me privately, so he and Laurent 
> are currently looking into that possibility.
> -- Kevin
> Davide Malpassini wrote:
>> I think that Marlin-Renderer can be included not as a default 
>> renderer to limit the impact to the jdk9 release , but leave to the 
>> user / developer the possibility to use and test on real applications 
>> the benefit of this Renderer .
>> This is only an user opinion , but i think that the benefits are big.
>> Davide Malpassini

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