Fwd: Re: Marlin-Renderer and JavaFX

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 16:51:45 UTC 2016

Some new from the Marlin sides:
- Marlin (java2d) for openjdk9:
I backported changes from openpisces Dasher and Stroker classes + optimized
the tile filling for almost empty / full tiles = 10% gain on huge shapes. I
plan to provide new webrevs soon
- Marlin FX:
I implemented a new RendererNoAA class that optimize the nonAA case and
started refactoring the integration (try/dispose). It remains to adjust the
NaN coordinate filter + transformer.

Jim, do you think possible to unify Marlin and MarlinFX for openjdk9 ? The
main difference relies in different Shape/PathConsumer classes and Fx uses
the AlphaConsumer + different initialization.
Did you have a look at the diffs ?

I also ported my java2d.Path2d improvements (growing algo + copy
constructor) to javafx.Path2d as it suffers the same performance issue when
the path grows... I fixed 2 years ago.

> Early benchmark results look very promising, too.

Yes and I will experience using Unsafe or DirectByteBuffer + my "block
flag" optimization soon to optimize the coverage copies into the texture

> Enabling parallel rasterization seems like a good follow-on task, but is
out of scope for the short term given the limited amount of time. Also, the
only way that MarlinFX even has a chance of getting approved for in JDK 9
is for the default OpenPisces path to be unaltered.

Of course, MT rendering is out of my scope as I am running a sprint to
provide Marlin for OpenJFX9...

Any guideline or volunteers to help making it real ?

Finally does somebody tested MarlinFX with real applications ?


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