Necessity of com.sun.javafx.embed.AbstractEvents

Alexander Nyssen alexander at
Fri Sep 16 09:03:06 UTC 2016

Hi Alexander Z., Kevin,

while working on JDK-8143596 (FXCanvas does not forward touch gestures to embedded scene) I came across some „smell“ that I would like to discuss. That is, the information about events that is exchanged between JFXPanel/FXCanvas and the EmbeddedScene/EmbeddedStage is currently encoded via constants of com.sun.javafx.embed.AbstractEvents. That is, FXCanvas and JFXPanel map SWT and AWT event information to constants in AbstractEvents, which are finally mapped to a JavaFX representations within EmbeddedScene.

Without knowing the motivation behind this indirection, and without having tried it in detail yet, for me it seems as if AbstractEvents was superfluous and JavaFX representations could directly be used to transfer this information instead. In case of EmbeddedSceneInterface#inputMethodEvent() for instance, AbstractEvents was already bypassed, as here EventType is used as a parameter (instead of an AbstractEvents constant). Also, the modifier constants defined within AbstractEvents are only used in case of key events, while for mouse (and now gesture events) boolean parameters are used to transport this information (which could also be done in case of key events).

What do you think? In case you share my assessment I would propose to file a separate issue for this, and I could offer to investigate it after JDK-8143596 has been resolved (I would not want to mingle it).

Best Regards,

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